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"Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food"
We are overfed but undernourished. I don't remember where I read that statement, but it stuck with me because it is so incredibly true. The "it's just calories in, calories out" approach is not the answer. This approach is popular because it's easy. Read the top portion of a food label, put the number of calories in a tracking application and don't exceed a certain number each day. But what is the remainder of the food label saying? Especially the ingredients portion of the label. Here's where we find the mystery words, the trans fats, the damaging sugars. And usually these items are found in low fat, low calorie items that you've been told are good for you.

Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, prevent or recover from illness, or cope with any other host of health or wellness concerns, food is everything! And it's not the calories in the food, but rather the nutrient density. 

More and more research is pointing to poor nutrition as the root cause of many illnesses. And of course, we can't discount the incidence of obesity in our society when statistics reveal that one-third of the adult population (35.7%) is obese.
No matter where you are on the health continuum, improving your nutrition and getting more active will move you in the right direction. I believe that it is never too late to get started. 

No one can force you to change the way you eat. But with consistent, accurate, no hype education, those who want to change can and will. Many times, the first step is to seek guidance with your emotional well-being because of the enormous connections between food and emotions. I urge you to not let shame, fear or your past hold you prisoner in the present. The faster you can begin to heal your heart, the quicker we can begin to heal your body
If struggling to cut through the massive pile of confusing fitness and nutrition hype is your biggest stumbling block, then we can start working on that immediately.
Let us show you how to implement healthy change
Let our Houston personal trainers show you how to implement healthy change

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